EXHAUSTION: a poem inspired from a rose

I participated in an excellent master’s class for writing on November 7th in which we looked at a rose and were given ways to take the rose in different angles. This is one of the fruit of the class. The prompt was that we drew an emotion from a hat and had to use a rose to describe it somehow. My word was exhaustion.

you run

you run

you keep in a straight line,

pushing onward,

no hesitation

though maybe, sometimes

side distractions

but then you’re pierced,

reminded to go back to your straight line

stemming from your dreams

your dreams which watered this journey,

made them green

gave them life

but then



it branches off

too fast, too fast

making the way for something

the colour of blood

what you’ve been hiding,

your secrets



blood and blush

spilling chaotically, out of your control

outward, spinning

far from your path

and you can’t fight it

so you let go

turn, turn


fractals, patterns

spin and spin

drip, drop, drain






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