while I should write an essay…

my mind

is in too many places at once;

part of it is on the songbird,

part of it is on what’s in front of me,

and the rest is in some mysterious floating cloud of thoughts,

with brilliance flashing every so often to fuel me through this assignment.

my brain hurts-


this isn’t hurt, this is the tension found in a plump balloon

or a juicy fruit that will spill, overflow if pushed

ever so


but still

the song of that bird

the feathers, how they feel

the song, how it sounds…

and this melody, right now, playing in real life

all mixing, churning, slowly-

and now I’ve taken myself off my own track…


Wow, that was a pretty crappy and random poem. Sorry, haha. My brain is at a weird but like good weird place right now. Just FYI right now I’m just writing from my stream of consciousness so it may or may not make sense like cents which is what I need to use to do laundry which I couldn’t today because some people didn’t take their stuff out like don’t they know that it’s not good to leave your stuff inside the washer and plus it’s not really considerate like dude there’s the rest of us but then I guess I could have done my laundry earlier but I didn’t but then again like I had a reason because I had to stuff but then I didn’t right because well I still had to do them but I wasn’t fully focused all the time but still I didn’t do the laundry and now I’m running out of long socks and it’s cold and I’m going to need them…

WOW ASHLEY. That up there is a serious run-on sentence. I don’t know if I should be impressed or not, haha. Pure stream of consciousness, yup.

Okay, I’m going to plunge myself back into my work about identity. Did you know identity is really fascinating? Try thinking about it for a bit, it’s fun~



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