I Love Asians Sign?!?!?!

When I walked back to my study table from the restroom something caught my eye…

It was a loud, blatant sign that said I LOVE ASIANS. And guess what, folks? It was on the laptop of some white guy. And I’m pretty sure that sitting across from him was an Asian chick (His friend? Girlfriend?). Either way, just…really? REALLY NOW?

Sorry for being blunt but that’s honestly disgusting. This is a fruit of Asian people being fetishized. Seriously. Like you’re going to use the same sign to say things like I love bacon, I love Beyonce, and then you’re going to use it to say that you like a certain group of people?

Please, white college aged male, tell me why you like Asians. I’m guessing that your little sticker was referencing to Asian women. So, why us? Because you probably think that we’re docile? Maybe because you’re some sick person who soaks in all the Japanese anime women with large breasts and barely any clothing? Or maybe you’re one of those people who are those creepy K-pop fanboys who drool over girl groups, especially when their dances are sexual.

Okay, okay. I slowed my mind down a bit because hey maybe just maybe this is like a I love boobies thing which was actually for a good cause? So, to check, I turned to Google. Here’s a screenshot of what popped up:

Screenshot 2015-12-10 23.51.11

And you know what?


This popped up on one of the links:

Screenshot 2015-12-10 23.56.14

And even the nicer ones that I read about why people like Asians still just…okay. Let me step back a bit.

Yes, I get it that love isn’t bound to race or anything. I’m not saying that every interracial relationship involving an Asian means that they were fetishized. Love has no bounds, love knows no race.

But then again, what we think of love isn’t always love; it can also be lust. Thick, smoky, dangerous, confusing lust.

And this is where I have my problem.

Every single website was giving reasons why someone was attracted to Asians. And one of the first if not the first reason why was because OMG THEY’RE SO CUTE AND LOOK AT THEM MAKING CUTE SOUNDS. And then, of course, a picture of some Asian girl doing a cutesy little pose.


Again, I paused to check my logic. First, I typed up ‘I love Africans’:

Screenshot 2015-12-11 00.02.20

Then, ‘I love Arabs’:

Screenshot 2015-12-11 00.06.01

Then, ‘I love latinas’

Screenshot 2015-12-11 00.03.05

Lastly, ‘I love Europeans’

Screenshot 2015-12-11 00.02.32

For both Latinas and Asians, the top hits were about dating and the women of the culture.


We can develop technology, we can improve healthcare, we can spread education with globalization but instead, what do some people do? Look at women of other cultures as more pieces of meat, as another exotic way to have sex, as some trophy toy, as something cute, as an accessory



I’m seriously considering going up to that guy and asking him why he has that stupid idiotic sticker on his laptop. But I know that if I do, I’ll get mad at him and it’ll go nowhere. But he still needs to know, but I’ll let him find out in the real world. Or, even if he doesn’t, fine. I’m not his mom.

It’s frustrating, honestly. Are Asian women really something that needs a list? You’re really going to simplify us to just our images? No wonder so many sick people participate in sex tourism in Asia because oh look we’re so exotic look at these tiny little Asian girls so polite so cute so sweet I want one…

You want one of us? Or do you want the image of us? Are you willing to deal with our culture, our language, our experiences as being Asians, the things we have to deal with, our soul?

Quite frankly, if you did, you wouldn’t be sticking an ‘I love Asians’ sign on your laptop.


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