A Story about a Songbird

Once upon a time,

There was a songbird

that didn’t know it was a songbird


It sang from time to time,

But its voice was shut away

as things sprang up, things to do, things necessary to do


This songbird

was a dove among sparrows;

Blatantly different from others,

this songbird was


One day,

The songbird flew over the vast oceans

to the other side,

Where there were others like it


And it was no longer unique because of its appearance;

there were many other birds who looked like it.

No, it was different because of

its song

That was quietly stowed away


The song

had no need to resurface

Until one day

It awoke, quietly, on its own

because someone else

was singing its twin,

A melody that fit with it, like how the left and right hand

fit perfectly,

Made to match


and all of a sudden,

the songbird remembered older days

Of singing


And opened its voice,

still sweet, still pure,

To sing once again


So at first, this was going to be several things; a response to the daily post, a springboard for a letter, a try at poetry. And I guess, it’s going to be something different because here it is just as it is, fresh off the press (of my mind?- haha).

I really like how it ended~ I guess I still have some creative poet still residing inside of me (phew).



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