The Start of Something New~

//side note: as I was writing the title for this blog, I remembered the song from High School Musical which, by the way, is having its tenth anniversary. Time flies…

Hello friends and family! It’s the end of my second day of classes and I’m excited for how the rest of the semester will roll out. This is my first semester as a full International Studies student (I was an engineering student before) and that means that my courses will be all reading, writing, and critical thinking. Two of the four classes for my major are upper level and all of the classes have extensive reading assignments for every class, and we meet twice a week. In short, it’s going to be a whole new ball game from the usual science and math courses, but I’m excited and ready to be stretched.

This semester, I’m taking

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Global Economy
  • Asian American Experiences
  • China after 1927
  • Creative Writing for the Musician
  • Chamber Music (this semester I’m in a string trio)

Already, I’m planning to meet with the professors for Cultural Anthropology and Asian American Experiences to create an Honors contract to turn the course into honors, meaning that I’ll be doing an additional project. My Asian American Experiences class is pretty much a dream come true because it’s about my interest area, the Asian diaspora, and most specifically, Asian Americans. The class is small and the professor is very friendly, casual, and most importantly, passionate about the material. I’ve never been excited by reading a syllabus, but let me tell you that reading the Asian American Experiences syllabus made me get really excited.

On top of classes, I also got a job! *applause* I’m going to be working in the new Pho restaurant. It’s actually a lovely chance happening that I got the job as I was there as the sign was put up that they were hiring and so I called immediately. In fact, tomorrow I’m starting my training~ Feeling more like an adult now, haha~

And then over all this, I’m also the new intern for the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council. Since I’m new, I don’t have any major roles yet but I’m glad because I get more exposure to other driven students in my major and also I get to help coordinate the events by special lecturers.

And last but not least, I’m also participating in ministry, with my church and with the International Students ministry with Intervarsity.

This semester is also the first time I cut other extracurriculars. I was also in Walk It Out, a multicultural fashion show, and I was going to help with Global Brigades, but after looking at my time commitments, I decided against it. It was kind of against my nature to do so, because usually I’m stubborn with my decisions, even if at the end I end up stressed. But this semester I want to leave space to really excel in my new major so I cut them. It’s a new phenomenon of cutting actives out for me, haha.

And! (my mind is just spitting out all the updates about my life right now, so bear with me please~)

I was recommended by my professor for a Fulbright scholarship! The Fulbright scholarship is granted by the American government to students to study abroad. It is applicable only to graduates so I’m going to start preparing for it now and apply for when I graduate. I met with an advisor about the scholarship and also found out about the Critical Language Scholarship and the Stanley Scholarship, both of which are scholarships to study abroad. As I learned more about opportunities, it seemed like the opportunities were endless. There is so much I can do during my undergraduate years and it’s so exciting! I felt a bit worried about what to do with my major but now that I’m in it and exposed to opportunities and new connections, now I’m excited to explore more about my interests.

It’s only the beginning of the semester but I have a feeling that this will be a good one~ 🙂



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