Era-Themed Concepts!

Kpop is famous for its different concepts; one day, a group can be cute, the next day, they can be distressed, angsty teens frustrated over a breakup, then later they’ll be someone deep in love. And then there are some groups who take it up a notch and, say, will dress up like sushi or be cyborgs.

All today, I was listening to groups that took a dip into musical concepts shaped by eras. It started with the song “Whoo” by Rainbow (a group I haven’t had must interest in, until now):

I loved the music! It reminded me of something in the past, like maybe the taste of a lollipop or a sunny summer day years ago. It was refreshing and had hints of musical elements that reminded me of music from another era.

A more well-known example of this is Girls’ Generations’ “Lion Heart”:

The doo-wop sound is, yes, very cheesy but really charming at the same time. And I think maybe that’s why it was a hit. That being said, it’s interesting because a less known group released a song that is very similar a year before Lion Heart was dropped:

I’m not saying that SM copied Laboum. I’m trying to point out the new interest in music styles from the past. Laboum also carried out this mentality with their latest release, “Aalow Aalow”:

*this song has been stuck in my head for quite a while now…* It is kind of reminiscent of the classic song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” It’s nostalgic for me, even though I didn’t like then. I think maybe it’s because it’s shamelessly bubbly wrapped in the sounds of another decade.

On the less bubbly but still brilliant side, there’s also the Wonder Girls with “I Feel You”, in a more eighties vibe (that they expertly pulled off like wow):

Queens. They pulled it off so well.


All this music is absolutely lovely in my opinion. I’ve been listening to them on loop as I studied today and it keeps my mind running and me in a pleasant mood. It’s interesting to note that these musical eras are mostly American. And yet, it still creates that certain atmosphere that people can bop their head to and enjoy.

Good move, K-Pop.



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