girl in front of me

caught my eye,

something brilliant

too bright

to ignore


shining diamond

on a young adult finger-

the fourth

clearly, for

a promise

(but this young?)


above the glittering emblem

chipped nail polish, fourth finger

mainstream habit

counter-stream age

extravagant cost

(but how did he pay for it?)


messy bun

she scratches her headband

just like me;

but is that just?

youth blossoming

(but will it be stopped?)


caught my mind,

something unusual

too different

to accept


Wow! It’s been such a long time since I wrote poetry and my goodness it is so refreshing to write again. It feels so natural and feels so good. When I saw the girl in class in front of me with a big engagement ring sparkling, I instinctively started writing about it. I was hesitant to write, but then it was just so different that I couldn’t not write about it.

I hope that girl does well. I’m kind of concerned because this is college where we’re all still trying to find out what to do with our lives and before we get settled into a job. What’ll happen if her fiancé and her end up in jobs totally opposite? I don’t think it’s wrong to date now but to be engaged already? That’s a whole new field.

I wish her the best.




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