Evil Has NO Nationality

My heart hurts and my head is spinning. How can humans be so cruel?-

I’m in a Modern Chinese History class and I just read two primary documents about the  Rape of Nanjing. Let’s just say, it’s remembered as a RAPE for a very clear, explicit reason. For example, the competition that happened between two Japanese sub-lieutenants to see who could kill 100 Chinese first. And when they didn’t see who won, they decided to extend it to who could reach 150 instead, because it was fun, so why not?-

As I read these horrific stories, it’s so easy for me to say that Japanese are evil and just simplify an entire people group. But that’s a huge mistake to make because people are too complex to just dismiss with one word. People are still people, even if they are evil. And if anything, evil doesn’t have a nationality. What about the Nazis? What about the Pakistani who mass raped Bangladeshi women during the War of Liberation? Boko Haram? ISIS?

But it’s hard to remember that these villains are human because then it spirals back to us, because we’re human as well. The unsettling truth with the realization of the humanity of everyone is that even I have the potential to become evil. And so do you.

The difference, then, is the outcome, isn’t it? There was something in the Japanese soldiers in Nanjing that made them kill people in cold blood and use the Chinese as target practice. I’d even go so far to say that in doing such violent actions, they abandoned their humanity. For example, ISIS. Some people saw that they were Muslim and lumped all Muslims as evil. But the difference, as I remember a reporter excellently saying, is that Muslims are human but ISIS, and in fact every other evil cooperation, act as if they aren’t.

My point is this: We shouldn’t hate others.

Just look around, hatred is everyone. Almost every East and Southeast Asian country hates Japan because of what happened in World War Two. Some people go to the extent of refusing to eat Kit Kat or sushi, or refusing to buy Japanese cars. Koreans have fostered and cultivated a strong anti-Japanese sentiment for generations. Or, even if we look at modern day, there can be hatred born of family feuds or misunderstandings/false judgements.

But what good does hatred do? What good is it for a Korean person or a Chinese person to never talk to a Japanese person? What good is it for Asia to constantly teach a hatred of Japan?


All that leads to is more hate, more fear of evil potential in a people group, and ultimately a restriction to learning about another group of people.

I’m not saying that we should deny or ignore history. I do believe that we should still talk about the Holocaust, Comfort Women, the mass rape in Bangladesh, the abducted girls in Nigeria, the bombings by ISIS. But not so that we rope off an entire ethnicity to the label of being ‘evil.’

We should talk about crimes and horrors that happened in history to show the potential of evil in humans in general. If the tables were turned, who isn’t to say that Koreans could have done something awful, or the Chinese, or the Jewish nation, or Syrians?


Though its hard to swallow because the statement points back to us, it means that we are free to now accept and embrace our Japanese, Pakinstani, German, Muslim brothers and sisters. We’re only one race, guys, the human race. If anything, it’s that evil has one race, but then again so does love, joy, forgiveness, and peace.



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