Quartet by Ranjbaran: Haikus

*These haikus were written as I listened to the Aeolus Quartet play a contemporary piece by Iranian composer Ranjbaran*

I. Maestoso

splintering glass cries

a rainfall of color shards:

swan song of lost dreams

II. Adagio Cantabile

i. the color of dreams

tiptoes over the dense fog,

sleep born in each step

ii. but then, nightmare wakes-

everything you lost or failed

dressed in dark beauty

III. Allegro

i. chaos but beauty

in pulsating gold, red, white:

spin, lush sharp madness

ii. but madness settles

into more define colors-

ones I see awake

~ ~ ~

It’s been a while since I wrote while listening to music! I should do this more often~ It’s always an experience listening to contemporary music (click to the links attached above) so this time I decided to try to decipher what was happening through the medium of the haiku. It made the music a bit easier to swallow and made the music more interactive, since I had to try to write it into understanding.



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