Someone Extraordinary

I was looking for a roommate for the upcoming fall and I stumbled across perhaps the most fascinating grandmother I have ever seen. Her name is Evie Xu and she is 70, blind,  disabled, and an artist who works out three times a week at the local college recreation centre. And to make it better, she included a YouTube link in her mini bio which was a link to her presenting on a local TV show. She had her hair in two mini buns and was wearing a flowy white dress.

I was immediately intrigued.

What was her story? Where was her family? Were they still in China? Why was she living on her own? Was it because she was just too stubborn or was there a darker history under that? When did she come to America? Why was she in Iowa City? Why was she advertising for a roommate on the university’s page?

I feel like I could write a story about her.

I want to meet up with her, if only to talk with this fascinating person. I’m sure she has a rich story of how she’s here and what it’s like living here, what it was like in China. I don’t think I’ll live with her but I want to at least talk with her…


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