I had just finished my Chinese history midterm and my hand needed to rest. So, I went upstairs in the local mall and grabbed a spot by the massive windows and opened YouTube and remembered that LeeHi had just dropped a song.

I repeat: LEEHI (aka monster rookie who has been missing from the scene as a soloist for THREE YEARS)


Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.33.04

This brightened by day. It was so refreshing to finally hear her gorgeous jazzy voice again.

Take a listen to her songs?

First is “Hold My Hand” which kind of has a fifties vibe, which suits her voice really well. The music video is creative, it uses pixels which is cutesy and fits the sound of the song really well. And it’s so bright and colourful as well~

And then we come to the ballad, which is mostly devoid of color but definitely not devoid of emotion. Her voice comes out really clearly on the high notes, which just again shows her ability as a vocalist. I’m usually not a fan of ballads, but the sheer quality of her voice made me listen through the whole song.

The lyrics are well sculpted as well. “한숨” was translated as “Breathe” but it can also mean sigh and that’s what the lyrics revolve around. The concept of the song is being able to breathe after a busy day, that’s it’s okay to rest. Beautiful lyrics along with a beautiful voice.

All this to say, Leehi’s album was so much needed. She has a voice uncommon in the Korean industry and it’s really refreshing to finally hear it again.

Leehi, we’ve all waited for this moment and thank you so much for not disappointing us.


Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.26.21

Kind of hard to see, but she’s ruling the music charts. Rookie monster is officially back~ (if she still counts as a rookie that is? Either way, she is destroying the charts)

Congratulations Leehi~~~


And her album art is really cool:

Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.33.55

which, might I add, is only HALF OF THE ALBUM. The rest of the album will be dropped sometime later. I’m fine with that, this album will sate me until then~

Please anticipate the rest of her album~~ 🙂


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