Spring Break?

After I finally finished my country profile for my Global Economy class, it was the beginning of my Spring Break!-…at 3am. In a couple of hours, I went to church, then got on a plane and flew to Montreal.

Today was the end of day 1 in Montreal and I feel a bit overwhelmed at everything I have to do: personal statement for a tutoring position, reading for honors project, reading for book review, editing papers, scheduling time to see the Korean Consulate, and somehow fitting in the time to also relax and refresh before the rest of the semester resumes.

I also want to reflect back on my time in Montreal, since this is my last time here for a while (I will come back one day, I promise to the city). And yet, it seems like there isn’t time to retreat to a cafe with all my journals, my laptop, and my memories.

It’s weird. This is the time when students often go abroad to someplace warm to relax and not think about classes for a bit, but here I am in Montreal with a mound of work to do.

I think that I will get refreshed, though. This is my time to get things done but also to write and read and pray more. I need this time for these things too, not just to get school things done.

Hopefully, you guys will see some more posts this week as I look back on my time in Montreal. I’ve had a lack in creative work and this is my chance to do it, so I hope not to waste it, even with these things to do.

Wow, this post was kind of random, sorry. I just wanted to get my thoughts out of my system and I guess this is how they were birthed…

Anyhow, for the readers who are at spring break, I sincerely hope you rest well. And for those who aren’t there yet, hang in there! And for those for whom it’s already done, keep going, summer will be here soon enough~


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