to melt oneself into colors

Let me melt myself into colors

Like a candle melting into a puddle of wax, spilling everywhere, hot to the touch, leaving a mess


Perhaps, then, will you understand me?/ If I’m in the colors familiar to your childhood, the colors of the crayons you bought in the pack of sixty-four that you wanted to show off to your friends with the sharpener in the back?


You used to be an artist before too, smearing those crayons in your grubby little hands,

Proudly showing them off to your mother/who would tack it onto the fridge

A trophy


But now, when I try to explain,

You don’t get it


You want lines, you want sharp angles, you want black and white

And maybe, some gray/but not too much


But why not?

Wasn’t your favorite color red at one time?-



Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote poetry. It feels so good~ This was an ekphrasic, a reaction to someone else’s art. My friend shared some poetry with me and the line ‘melt into colours’ stuck out, begging to have its own piece. And so, this happened.

Hope you guys enjoyed it~



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