to move a city//montreal

I was reading an article for my Cultural Anthropology class (exam tomorrow!) about climate change and it was saying that it was difficult to move a city because of rising sea levels. The phrase “to move a city” stuck in my mind, begging to be written about, and so, here’s the fruit of my mini productive study break~

I wrote this poem thinking of Montreal…


We always moved to different cities

/but why not move the city with us?


with its accents etched onto my breath,

its roads embedded onto my fingers,

its people engraved onto my mind,

the rich tapestry of cultures

breathing in the same air,

United by the spinning kaleidoscope that is this city


But that’s the thing, isn’t it?

Cities can only give so much

but when we leave, they stay,

Continually watering the dreams of its residents


and those who leave have only memories

stamped onto our minds,

dreams we don’t want to

wake up from


Until we return, finally,

and we are watered again by the city/its people/

its roads/its languages/its culture/

its music/

its soul


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