Two Year Anniversary of Blogging!

June 2, 2016 marked my second anniversary of blogging! It doesn’t really feel like it, probably because I haven’t been blogging as much as of late, but still, it feels like an accomplishment. And also, the second anniversary gives me a good push to write again!

Two years ago, I started this blog because I was bored and my dad suggested it to me. It opened up my mind to more writing opportunities and I wrote a lot. It was the summer I went to Korea and documented as much as I could (considering that my grandparents’ apartment didn’t have wifi and I had to go to a nearby cafe). And then, of course, freshman year unfolded. 

And now, everything has changed (oh so dramatic). I don’t say that lightly, though. I struggled with my major and eventually changed it from biomedical engineering to international studies. During that period of my life, I learned a lot about what my university offers and took some classes that inspired me to take up an anthropology minor and a writing certificate. I’ve had amazing stimulating conversations with professors and fellow students. I know a bit more now about my interests and can see my future unfold slowly but surely, under God’s grace.

And friendships as well shifted as I went from living in a dorm with an amazing, supporting roommate (who I still talk to (‘sup, Erin)) to living in an apartment with two friends who had different lifestyles than mine. I had to learn to balance and talk things through. Nothing was perfect by a long shot, but I can say that I learned a lot in the end and nothing went to waste.

And boys (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- sorry). When I started this blog, I didn’t have much experience with boys, but now, I have travelled around China with a gang of Aussie guys (and it was totally epic) and experienced infatuation in varying degrees. And I saw my friends as their relationships unfolded as well. My perspective on relationships has changed a lot now (another blog post?) and in short (before I go off about relationships which deserve their own post), a lot has changed.

And God.

God is so good, isn’t He? My faith shaped all the things I listed above and I think I’m really starting to get it. Today during service, I felt as if Heaven was bursting, reaching out to me. There’s so much in store for me and although I don’t have everything figured out yet, I know that God has it all pieced out and ready for me.

God is good.

Life is unfolding slowly but surely. It’s not always smooth, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Excited to see what will happen this upcoming year!



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