clear as tears

way back when

they said that rain was when gods cried

//over the misery of the world? because they felt bad for their creatures?//

but crying always did me good,

as if I needed the tears

to clear my vision

and help me see again


so maybe then these god tears

are a shot at redemption:

everything is washed away,

a final burst of emotion

before the start of a new day


~ ~ ~

I felt obligated, or rather, the impulse to write because it’s presently raining outside and it’s been a while since it rained and I’m excited to see how the world will look more fresh tomorrow.

clear as tears, perhaps

washed away

Anyhow. I’m tired but I wanted to put something up, anything, perhaps as a sign that my creative mind is still bustling around and aching to be heard.



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