My Facebook newsfeed has been recently depressing but I’d rather it be like that than live in ignorance to what is going on in the country I live in.

People are being killed.


(even the word itself sounds harsh, wrong, inhuman)

killed because of how



I’m sorry, I must have seen that wrong. Because surely, our society has risen above such childish perspectives? No.

Because it isn’t childish, it’s systematic, it’s what we’ve heard, what we’ve constantly seen on the TV screen, what we’ve eventually absorbed, instinctively

All the studies come out saying that we view our black brothers and sisters differently but okay. so?


this happens.

alton sterling. philando castile. and this only this week. added on top of the long list of others who were killed











Are we not all created in God’s image? Do we not all have the same heart, the same blood, the same organs, the same marvellous, wonderful body? Do we not have the same dreams, wishes, experiences of family, first loves, growing up?

Where is the logic that all because someone’s skin is darker or the shape of someone’s eyes is different that they are all of a sudden not what you are-which is human?

What a world we live in. There’s so much hurt everywhere, with article after article about Baghdad, Dallas, a Chinese student who got assaulted for being Chinese, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Orlando, death death death …

So then, it’s up to us with life



to speak up, change things, have conversations, fight back against what our society has created and taught us.

Because everyone is worthy and everyone is beautiful. There is beauty in the richness of someone’s skin color, there is beauty in the curve of someone’s eye shape, there is beauty in English with an accent, hinting to another world and culture, there is beauty in natural hair, there is beauty in humans, there is beauty in all of us.



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