A New Appreciation for Ballads

I used to not like ballads/slow songs. They were too slow and sometimes had no meaning or emotion. It seemed like some were slow because there had to be a slow song on an album, as if fulfilling some quota. I also thought that ballads were only for when someone was sad. Ballads were almost always about love, anyway. Why listen to someone mourning over one sided love over a breakup? Please, I don’t need any more angst in my life.

But now, I’m appreciating ballads more. When I do find a good ballad, I feel like it’s finding a shining jewel. The emotions are all there, sparkling and wrapped in beautiful colors that seep through the song. And then it’s not the emotions or the tempo that matter; it’s the combination of everything that makes it beautiful.

The post before this I wrote as I listened through my ballad playlist:

And it was nice.

It wasn’t emotionally unbalancing or anything like that; it was just simple good music and helped calm my emotions. Some songs on the playlist when I first heard, I did cry because it was well sung or very emotional, but as I wrote and listened to ballads, it was a very pleasant experience. It still is; I’m on the last song of the playlist as I type right now.

I should learn by now to not judge so quickly; almost every thing that I brush off as irrelevant or not worth it comes back like a song haunting me from my past. And then I realize what I missed out on. And I missed out on ballads big time.

It’s not like I’m going to listen to only ballads now; it’s more like my musical horizons are growing steadily and I’m becoming more flexible. So hurrah for growth!

~ashley j chong


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