A Full Heart

My heart is so full.


I didn’t understand this phrase when I first heard it, but I get it now; my heart is so full and it’s a beautiful, wonderful, marvelous thing.


My heart is full with names, faces, smiles, laughter, memories, the taste of strawberry ice cream, the sweat from an intense game of ping pong, laughter as I learn the Arabic alphabet, the satisfaction of properly picking an apple, the sweetness of a long overdue cupcake run, the warmth from a smile from a stranger, the slight crinkle in eyes that hint to a fond memory.


I didn’t know that I could pour out into so many different lives and absorb this much. I’m amazed that my heart has this much capacity, and it doesn’t feel like I’m going to dry up any time soon; it rather feels like I’ve only scratched the surface. There are so many wonderful people in the world, people that God wants me to meet, people with fascinating stories and beautiful smiles.

I do realize that sometimes I won’t be able to meet people again, as they stay in my life briefly as they pass by Iowa City or as they are around the area for only a semester or a year. And yet, how precious the memories still are.


I’ve been getting more involved with the international student ministry on my campus and over and over again, I am amazed at how much my heart can do. I’ve never met this many people and yet, it isn’t overwhelming. It feels more like an immense blessing to meet people, even if just getting to know them for the span of a day. And as my heart becomes full, my world becomes a bit smaller. I have connected with people from Tunisia, Algeria, Japan, China, France, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sudan. It’s almost as if I’m peeling back layers of the world with each country that I explore through the lens of a new friend.


I am so blessed, the world is so beautiful, people are wonderfully amazing, and I am so blessed.




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