Hi there~


I’m Ashley, pleased to meet you! Now usually, when you meet someone, you get to know them gradually, but this blog is going to be the opposite: it’ll be like cannonballing into the pool of my mind (oh, so poetic!-). Sometimes I’ll be quirky and other times I’ll be reflective and moody. In that sense, I’m not ‘consistent’, but hey, this is how my brain works. I hope that you’ll get something from my posts whether they make you laugh, think, or scratch your head in confusion. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

And if you were wondering about why I chose to call my blog “Wings, Ashes, and Light”…

wings: my fascination with birds and flying/traveling

ashes: from my name Ashley, and the mythical bird the pheonix

lights: from my Korean name 진경, meaning ‘great light’

~ ~ ~

If you want to learn even more about me, check out my personal mixtape. It’ll inform you about the happy and the darker parts of my life. And it’ll put some more context into my posts. Or, if you’d like something shorter, check out a profile I wrote for my class~

As always, feel free to comment on my posts or even this About page! Enjoy your stay~


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