A New Appreciation for Ballads

I used to not like ballads/slow songs. They were too slow and sometimes had no meaning or emotion. It seemed like some were slow because there had to be a slow song on an album, as if fulfilling some quota. I also thought that ballads were only for when someone was sad. Ballads were almost always about love, anyway. Why listen to someone mourning over one sided love over a breakup? Please, I don’t need any more angst in my life.

But now, I’m appreciating ballads more. When I do find a good ballad, I feel like it’s finding a shining jewel. The emotions are all there, sparkling and wrapped in beautiful colors that seep through the song. And then it’s not the emotions or the tempo that matter; it’s the combination of everything that makes it beautiful.

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Wilco: One Sunday Morning Ekphrasic

ekphrasic: art created/inspired by other art

For my creative writing for the musician class, we listened to Wilco’s “One Sunday Morning” and wrote what came into our mind, or rather, what the song inspired us to write. This was the process of making an ekphrasic, which I actually did before with my Mozart poem story (click here to read a story about princesses, knights, and operatic love). “One Sunday Morning” was different, thought, because it had words and was a different genre.

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Sam Kim’s “Seattle” Analysis

Sam Kim came onto the radar when he auditioned for Kpop Star, a talent search competition. He is my brother’s age (1998), extremely talented, and a Korean American. His Korean is not fully proficient and yet now, he is singing in the language and immersed in his heritage culture.

His story fascinated me. In his audition, while a judge is complimenting him, he shyly admits that he doesn’t know what the judge is saying. And throughout the show, he speaks in English most of the time, as he can express himself more succinctly. But now, he is in a culture and language far from his hometown Seattle. He has culture shock of going to his heritage. And yet, he pushes on.  Continue reading


I had just finished my Chinese history midterm and my hand needed to rest. So, I went upstairs in the local mall and grabbed a spot by the massive windows and opened YouTube and remembered that LeeHi had just dropped a song.

I repeat: LEEHI (aka monster rookie who has been missing from the scene as a soloist for THREE YEARS)


Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.33.04

This brightened by day. It was so refreshing to finally hear her gorgeous jazzy voice again.

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An Ending and A Beginning

Today I decided to drop my music minor. It wasn’t forced or weird; if anything, it felt natural. And the fact that it felt okay made me wonder about myself. Maybe I really am growing up.

This isn’t to say that music is childish. For me, I always kept the idea of maybe doing something with music at the back of my mind. I was fascinated by the music world, the performances, the endless rehearsals, the production, the creation process. It was my secret ambition, or so I told myself. One day, I’ll do music and it’ll be awesome and it’ll be the answer to all the confusion in what to do with my life.

But as I’m starting to delve into topics in Asian American studies and anthropology, things have changed. But it’s not as if these newfound interests of mine have ripped me away from music; rather, it’s like all along these interests were there and now I’m devoting my time to them and their beautiful complexities. And in the process of that, I’m realizing that I wasn’t destined for music.  Continue reading

K-Pop’s New iTunes Page

Before, I had to go search each K-Pop/Korean artist by name, and sometimes even by the Korean name. And before, keeping track with what was (finally) available on the American iTunes was nearly impossible (unless I wanted to check iTunes daily…).

But now. Finally.

Screenshot 2016-01-14 21.27.29

K-Pop has earned its own iTunes genre page! While I am very thankful that this has finally happened, I can’t help but stop and wonder if K-Pop, the magical, marvellous beast of sparkles, sometimes angst, and a good sprinkling of English words, is its own genre. I definitely agree that K-Pop deserved its own page because Hallyu (the Korean Wave)  is spreading like wildfire across the world, but what exactly is K-Pop?

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Exploring the Vast Music World!

It’s amazing what Youtube’s recommended links can do you for you, especially when you fall down a rabbit hole of music. I’ve been listening to soft cafe/jazz style music, K-Indie in particular and it’s so soothing. And delving further into the genre and artists is exciting, because it’s like finding a new territory, a new land.

I’ll just leave some nice things I’ve discovered here so you can start off on your own musical tangent~ Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading