Modesty modesty modesty…


It’s a buzz word for Christians. Don’t be a stumbling block to the men around you. Don’t prevent them from getting to God. Don’t…don’t…don’t…

This is what I heard for a long time. It’s drilled into my head, taken root and guided my decisions in what I wear. This being said, it doesn’t mean that I never wore a dress or never put in effort into my appearance. It just means that I didn’t want to wear something that would draw attention to me because in the midst of all this talk about modesty modesty modesty

I grew to fear my body.

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Word of 2016: Sensitive

I read a post on Facebook about a girl choosing a word of the year. This girl prayed over the word, went through a list, and then settled on the word ‘engaged’ (not in engaged for marriage, but rather, engaged in her environment and the people around her). This got me thinking, as already for me, a word had been tugging at the edges of my mind:

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Proof of Grace

It’s the middle of week six of this semester, and it’s been a crazy roller coaster of emotions, confusion, and frustration. At least once a week, I’d dip into a dark mood because I was stressed about the semester, wanting to go directly into International Studies, not wanting to do my engineering courses. Some of my friends have had to listen to me rant (bless them) and there’s a good number of angry journal entries too, haha.

But somehow in the midst of this, I always forgot what made me rise again. I mean, it’s always the same thing, and yet each time I forget and turn to myself, quickly drawing all my abilities dry because well, I was never meant to do this on my own. I was meant to do it with the help of God.  Continue reading

I am not the sun

Today I realized amongst a room of strangers that I cannot care or look after anyone the way God can. I cannot comfort anyone like Him, I cannot dry their tears like God, and ultimately I cannot be their hope and their sunshine.

It can seem like I’m like that, like I can shine light into people’s lives. People have told me that before; that I’m so bubbly, that I’m always so happy, that I’m sunlight dancing, waltzing through their darkness. And I feel honored that I am seen as that, that I can bring happiness to someone, however fleeting it may be. Continue reading


There was a magic show at my university today. It was called The MAZE and was largely advertised and really hyped up. But I knew what it was about all along…it was a method to attract people to hear the magician’s testimony. Hm…

I didn’t end up going, but as I was in the lounge, I overheard some floormates discussing the show. They said they enjoyed it until, as one girl put it, “He got to the religious part.”

My goodness, the way that she said it and the way they further discussed it was as if being religious was synonymous with being despicable. Geez. Continue reading

Religious Rant #2: Crazy Preacher Man

It’s time for another religious rant, dear followers. Just an fyi, it’s not like I plan these things, they just happen as I’m walking to class. I promise to make my next post more fluffy; it might be some MV review or something about how I feel more Canadian on campus~

But back to my rant.

Here’s what initiated it.


But Ashley, you may think, doesn’t that look like as if an apostle was preaching like in ye olden days? I suppose, yes. But then look at the other sign nearby:

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