Continuation of Lamb to the Slaughter

This is a continuation of Roald Dahl’s short story “Lamb to the Slaughter.” It was a writing exercise from my Creative Writing class, please enjoy~

~ ~ ~

“Mommy?” Tiny white hands clung onto the stool she bought a week ago from the lawn sale.

“Yes, dear?” She focused on washing the dishes, the bubbles foaming, the cool water, the feel of the pans, anything but those startling blue eyes, exact replicas of Patrick’s.

“Why can’t we go to Laney’s dinner party?”

“Because, Tommy, they’re serving lamb and you know how I hate lamb.”

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If I Loved You cont’d

For my creative writing class, we looked at beginning of novels then tried to continue them. I took the snippet from If I Loved You by Robin Black and I’m actually quite satisfied with how it turned out. If you liked it or didn’t like it, please let me know~

You want to build a fence between our homes.

It will be wood, you tell us.

/// (now it’s my writing)

It’s for your own good as well, you tell us as builders walk in and out of your primp, pristine home. Trust me, you tell us as large, mammoth logs start to collect outside your grand mahogany double doors.  Continue reading

Daily Post: Logic, Art, Friendship

//Jane and Edmond walk into the cafe. Without a word, they choose the table by the window. There is the scent of coffee in the air and everything is neutral colours, trying to emanate an atmosphere of warmth. They sit opposite to each other, silently. Jane studies the table separating them quietly while Edmond closes his eyes, breathing deeply. The air between them seems pregnant, waiting to burst with words, though from who is remains a mystery, until suddenly Edmond’s eyes snap open…//

Edmond (in a frustrated voice): Why did you do it, though? (rubs his eyes) I’ve tried to think of all the logical reasons why you would, but nothing is matching.

Jane (in a weary voice): That’s what it is, Ed. There was no logic in my decision.

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Modern Rapunzel

She was trapped in her room forever. Mother had the only way to get in and out without using the window, and of course she didn’t tell her. She wasn’t allowed to go outside and run through the fields or swim in the nearby lake.

But that was okay, because she had wifi. And it’s not like her room was tiny or anything, no; it had high ceilings like the Gothic cathedrals and Mother bought her everything she ever wanted: a high definition TV, a professional camera, all the designer clothes she wanted, the latest Apple gadgets, the newest books, the most exquisite food.

So, in retrospect, it was okay. And after all, she had read about all the bad things that could happen outside, like poison ivy or bug bites or rabies from cute looking animals. And it’s not like she didn’t have enough things to do on her own, either.  Continue reading

Lies and Truths: Short Story

I got the inspiration to write this from the Korean reality show “We Got Married” where celebrities (singers, actors, models, comedians) are paired up as husband and wife. There’s always controversy about the show, however, as people never know how much is acting and how much is real. The show does interviews with participants after to get how they felt after the first meeting or a particular couple mission. It does seem like some couples did develop feelings, but then again, how much is staged? (Read more about it here)

The concept of the show always bothered me because it was encroaching onto something private. Marriage and falling in love is important and sacred, and yet We Got Married and Bachelor exist. Sigh. I personally think that after spending that much time with someone, feelings will appear eventually. How strong they are and if they are returned is a different story, of course, but still it seems somewhat cruel to play with someone’s feelings in front of camera.

I wrote this short story as if I was a rookie singer who was invited to participate in We Got Married. The story is in diary format, as in each break means another day. Enjoy, and feedback is always much appreciated~ 🙂


So I guess my acting for that mini drama paid off in the long run because soon after I was pelted with CFs (commercial filming), photoshoots, and variety shows. But the crown jewel of it all was the invitation to participate in We Got Married.  Continue reading

At Least…

She gripped the mic in front of her, hard to still her trembling. Shake it off, you’ll be fine.

You’re wasting your time!

No. You paid for your time here so make the cost worth it.

What made you think you could rap in the first place?! YOU FOOL.

Stop it STOP IT. Clear your mind, just like your violin prof said. Get in the zone…She pushed the button and the beat, reverberating in her bones and echoing through her soul flew her away from the small, cramped studio. And yet, when she started, her voice didn’t match the one she imagined in her head. Cracks started to sliver inver her already frail resolve.

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Home, according to Theo (GUEST POST)

I am extremely pleased to introduce to my readers a special friend of mine. Our entire relationship is serendipity and a weird combination of circumstance and, well, epicness. Her name is Theo. Here’s a link to her awesome blog. Actually, I’m not 1o0% sure how we got to know each other. We have a mutual friend and from my memory, I believe Theo started to follow my blog and our mutual friend was like “Oh hey, my girlfriend follows your blog.” And I was impressed. One, because someone was actually following me, and two because her writing is amazing.

And get this; she’s my brother’s age. *mindblown* Before I continue to ramble on about her writing, I’ll just put this down here gently and let you make your own judgement on her writing~

We were talking for a while about our topic and decided on the topic of home. I wrote my share of this topic here, and now I’m extremely proud and honored to share her writing on my blog. Enjoy! Continue reading