What University Taught Me: MONEY

Money is green.

Money is mean.

Money is important

and you’ll always really need it.

Even if you don’t agree

sooner or later you will see

that money is a necessity.

I should have learned this rhyme (that I made up on the spot ahaha) when I was younger. Before university, I never had to worry about money. If I ran low on it, I just had to ask my parents. And my parents always had money and my dad had a nice secure job. I never had to strain over dollars and coins to buy a meal. I never had less than twenty dollars in my wallet.ย  Continue reading

What University Taught Me: Studying

I feel like it’s been ages since I last wrote (which, it kind of is but not really at the same time). It’s really a shame because there’s so many things to write about and yet the sloth part of me is like ah but won’t it be better to just waste time on the Internet instead? (The correct answer to that is NO). So I apologize readers for not keeping up with my writing.

I wanted to talk a bit about the curious act that is studying. I know, I know, I said that I’d write about money for my next What University Taught Me post, but I feel like I can write about this more. In fact, rather than declaring my next topic for the series, I’ll just go off what I’m feeling, just to keep readers on their toes~

*Just as a preface, this post will most likely be a bit scatterbrained but let’s just see where this path down the rabbit hole will take us~* Continue reading

What University Taught Me: Time Management

Welcome to a brand spanking new series! (Which, by the way, why is the phrase called spanking new anyway? *googles etymology* Apparently spanking in the 1660’s meant ‘very big or fine’ usually in reference to horses…hm~) My friend Theo suggested doing a series to force myself to write more. As you guys have probably noticed, I haven’t been diligent in my posting. It’sย not because I’m too busy or whatnot, it’s because during my spare time instead of blogging toย improving my writing, I’m mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or surfing YouTube. And I’m pretty sure we can unanimously agree how effective those activities are… Continue reading

Annoyance: New Professors

Last semester I had a really excellent chemistry professor. In fact, he made me interested and intrigued by chemistry when before I was too busy stressing over it to appreciate it. And my newfound appreciation wasn’t due to spectacular grades or whatnot (because I didn’t get a mark I was fully satisfied with); it was because of my professor’s infectious passion and energy for learning chemistry. He made learning about molecular geometry seem as if it was the most exciting discovery. And he was the type to walk around the entire lecture hall and start every 8:30 morning class with a loud “GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING! It’s a beautiful day to do chemistry, isn’t it?” *regardless the fact that it was pouring outside or a blizzard* Continue reading

From a College Kid’s Perspective

We were supposed to meet at the Burge Marketplace for lunch. According to this plan, I wouldn’t have to step outside since I could use the Daum Tunnel to get to Burge and I would be able to spend minimal time eating so I could work on my essay.

But when I finally emerged from the Daum tunnel, instead of seeing the usual sparse students scattered on the coaches in front of the cashier, I saw massive lines of parents and potential Hawkeyes clogging the lines and hallways.

Welcome to the University of Iowa Open House!- Continue reading

Cushions! (for Engineering)

Let’s face it: Engineering has a really strong reputation for being crazy hard and only forย smarty-pants. Which, I guess, both are true, but then people always leave out the fact that this major is so incredibly…cushioned!

As in, although the major is incredibly hard and time demanding, there is an amazing, almost overwhelming, amount of support available. I went to visit the tutoring for the first time today and smack dab as soon as you walk in, there’s a huge calendar showing when exam dates are along with respective review session dates. And it gets better from there: the upper classmen in the tutoring sessions had the answers for the engineering problem solving homework (!). (Which, I felt was too close to cheating to explicitly ask for the answers…)

And even now, I’m in the engineering student commons, it’s close to 10:00pm and it doesn’t look like anyone’s leaving anytime soon. And jeepers, even the computer labs are open 24/7…Around me, there’s people in study bunches with laptops out and engineering paper making a pale green layer over the tables. But don’t worry, it’s not like it’s silent in here: people are laughing and chatting, almost as if *gasp!* they’re having fun.

It’s a cool environment, this engineering thing. It’s like everyone’s in the same boat, regardless if you’re an upperclassmen or freshman, everyone had to go through adjusting to the massive homework load, and because of that, upperclassmen are always willing to help. Which, is awesome.

So moral of the story? Engineering is hard, but at least we get lots of cushioning~