The Honesty of Solo Activities


Hey you, fellow Kpop listener! Did you hear that Taeyeon (yes, the girl from SNSD) just dropped a solo mini album? If you didn’t, well now you have no excuse for immersing yourself fully into that album because wow. I’m listening through it now and I’m extremely impressed.

*update: literally right after I posted this I checked Facebook and bam there was the music video, which is beautifully shot and perfectly compliments the song. And, there’s hints of a plot and the rapper is actually part of it (his face shows up). Excellent, excellent, excellent!-

Click here to be impressed :)*

Isn’t it interesting, though, the large difference between an artist by themselves or in a group? With this album, Taeyeon shows as an extremely mature side of her, the part that is freer to move around, with less restrictions and it’s so much more real and honest that it’s forcing me to just listen. It’s such a stark contrast from the Girl’s Generation concepts. In fact, I don’t think that it would be appropriate for the group, because this album, this sound is Taeyeon, it is her. It is by her, made for her voice, and stemming from her.

But then, that begs the question…isn’t this how music should be in the first place?  Continue reading

EXO “Call Me Baby” MV Reaction and Review

EXO IS BACCCKKKKK! With a trippy sign and an epic title song and they are here to take all our money.


Now at first glance this looks like a cube, doesn’t it? But it actually spells E-X-O. My question is who’s the genius who discovered it? Or maybe it was more like they were running out of ideas and one day looked at a cube funny and bam, the most clever logo was created.

Regardless, the EXO logo, fresh for this comeback is genius. It’s simple and classy but also very inventive. And perhaps this is to reflect how EXO is now. They’ve went through a lot, from Kris leaving abruptly, Baekhyun dating Taeyeon, and Luhan leaving. At the end of the crazy roller coaster, they had two less members and there were only two Chinese members left. Would there still be two EXOs or would they merge together? Could they rise from all the bad news that swamped them? Continue reading

Hodgepodging in Kpop

My initial plan was to do a review for Miss A’s comeback song “Only You.” I had lots of expectation for the girls and also the hype JYP stirred up with the teasers promised a fun, flirty comeback with the girls aiming for girly rather than sexy, like the last song ‘Hush’.

miss-a-album-spoiler-800x450 ibkPbSVEebzhKG

I got out Word and pulled up Youtube and anticipated being blown away from the girls and if anything feeling a bit more energetic from the MV. And if you didn’t see it coming already, well, I wasn’t.

Continue reading

My Newest Obsession: My Heritage

I suppose it started from Kpop?- Now before people start wagging their fingers at me, let me rewind and try to explain.

I didn’t always have the most amiable thoughts towards Korea. Because of some bad friendships and experiences, at one point I decided to simplify my heritage by saying that all Koreans were cliquish, not wanting to be my friend, and too hard to understand. With this oversimplification, I went on with my life only crossing over to my Korean side to eat its delicious food. Continue reading

Kpop: Bright Colors, Catchy Tunes, and Lawsuits…?!


*ringtone* (who texts me this early, seriously)

*reaches over for phone, stares at the one word written: bap?* (what is that again? oh, yeah. B.A.P., the Korean group. so?-)

*falls back asleep. in dream, the text comes back. as soon as awake, texts back*

My text: Yeah, so?

Response: All six members of BAP just filed a lawsuit…

My response:…WAIT WHAT? Continue reading

Lovelyz “Good Night Like Yesterday” MV Reaction and Review


IT’S WOOLLIM’S NEW GIRL GROUP! (claps) I have lots of anticipation for this group because Woollim has done such a good job with Infinite, their boy group. There were rumours flying around about a new girl group for a while, and now it’s finally happening!

Background info about the group: Three members were already introduced, Jiae, Jin, and Baby Soul. Jiae was in their reality TV show ‘You Are My Oppa’ when Infinite debuted. She lived with them as a ‘little sister’ they had to care for as they would become ‘oppas’ to fangirls everywhere. Baby Soul had a single and featured in Infinite H’s song ‘Fly High’. And Jin released her own single, showcasing her lovely vocals. The other members were briefly shown during an Infinite performance of “Man In Love” as partners for the Infinite members, but that was again only unconfirmed rumours.

But now, finally, we get to see the group fully revealed!  Continue reading