Let Them Shine: JJ Project’s “Verse 2” Album

For a while I waited for this album. Not necessarily this album, but an album like it, that would finally let JB and Jinyoung do whatever they wanted and let their voices shine and resonate where they’re meant to.

I didn’t ever really follow Got7 closely. I randomly reviewed their album for a class and that made me pay more careful attention to the songs’ structure, style, and the members’ voices. I felt like JB’s voice in particular was strained at points to hit high notes in songs that are often trendy/following the latest music craze. I was frustrated because I knew that his voice could sound better, richer, smoother, if only he could do what he wanted to do with it, craft a song around it rather than fit it into something.  Continue reading “Let Them Shine: JJ Project’s “Verse 2” Album”


GOT7 “Flight Log: Departure” Album Review

*This was for my Creative Writing for the Musician class. I actually wasn’t planning to review GOT7’s album, but oh well. Was a good experience and I definitely want to try to do more album reviews in the future.*


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Era-Themed Concepts!

Kpop is famous for its different concepts; one day, a group can be cute, the next day, they can be distressed, angsty teens frustrated over a breakup, then later they’ll be someone deep in love. And then there are some groups who take it up a notch and, say, will dress up like sushi or be cyborgs.

All today, I was listening to groups that took a dip into musical concepts shaped by eras. It started with the song “Whoo” by Rainbow (a group I haven’t had must interest in, until now):

I loved the music! It reminded me of something in the past, like maybe the taste of a lollipop or a sunny summer day years ago. It was refreshing and had hints of musical elements that reminded me of music from another era.

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K-Pop’s New iTunes Page

Before, I had to go search each K-Pop/Korean artist by name, and sometimes even by the Korean name. And before, keeping track with what was (finally) available on the American iTunes was nearly impossible (unless I wanted to check iTunes daily…).

But now. Finally.

Screenshot 2016-01-14 21.27.29

K-Pop has earned its own iTunes genre page! While I am very thankful that this has finally happened, I can’t help but stop and wonder if K-Pop, the magical, marvellous beast of sparkles, sometimes angst, and a good sprinkling of English words, is its own genre. I definitely agree that K-Pop deserved its own page because Hallyu (the Korean Wave)  is spreading like wildfire across the world, but what exactly is K-Pop?

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The Honesty of Solo Activities


Hey you, fellow Kpop listener! Did you hear that Taeyeon (yes, the girl from SNSD) just dropped a solo mini album? If you didn’t, well now you have no excuse for immersing yourself fully into that album because wow. I’m listening through it now and I’m extremely impressed.

*update: literally right after I posted this I checked Facebook and bam there was the music video, which is beautifully shot and perfectly compliments the song. And, there’s hints of a plot and the rapper is actually part of it (his face shows up). Excellent, excellent, excellent!-

Click here to be impressed :)*

Isn’t it interesting, though, the large difference between an artist by themselves or in a group? With this album, Taeyeon shows as an extremely mature side of her, the part that is freer to move around, with less restrictions and it’s so much more real and honest that it’s forcing me to just listen. It’s such a stark contrast from the Girl’s Generation concepts. In fact, I don’t think that it would be appropriate for the group, because this album, this sound is Taeyeon, it is her. It is by her, made for her voice, and stemming from her.

But then, that begs the question…isn’t this how music should be in the first place?  Continue reading “The Honesty of Solo Activities”

iKON “Airplane” and “Rhythm Ta” MV Reaction and Review

Screenshot 2015-09-30 12.29.54

AND Y’ALLS THOUGHT I MIGHT HAVE BEEN DONE WITH THIS SECTION OF MY BLOG MWAHAHAHAHA. Sorry to my readers who are like bruh why she keep doing all this kpop stuff. But Korean music/Kpop/K-Indie is here to stay~

I actually totally forgot about iKON (don’t hate me guise). It was actually my friend Charlie who reminded me that oh yeah they’ve *finally* debuted. So thanks Charlie for giving me a fun break and chance to react and review them!  Continue reading “iKON “Airplane” and “Rhythm Ta” MV Reaction and Review”

At What Cost? Female Idols

I’ve wanted to write a post about this for a while, but this article finally gave me the push to finally do it.

The Korean music scene is extremely over saturated. In a place where groups are constantly debating, promoting on music shows, and competing for prizes, the importance of standing out is even more crucial than in America. In 2012, 33 male groups and 38 female groups debuted. I can’t even list them and honestly, the majority probably disbanded by now. The Kpop scene is ruthless and you need to be worthy of attention, to be frank.

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The Modern Tribe, Found on the Internet

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, a tribe is described as

: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader

It’s not exactly like a family, but regardless, there’s something unique that ties the members of a tribe together. These tribes use their special lingo and when they’re together, they light each other up with mutual excitement. Often, when someone not from the tribe is witnesses tribe members together, they are utterly lost, as if the others were speaking another language. Continue reading “The Modern Tribe, Found on the Internet”

A Time to Reflect on EXO


EXO is back!

…with 9 members this time. Kris, Luhan, and more recently Tao are now missing from the group. Kris left last May when he filed a lawsuit against SM entertainment, Luhan left last October, but this time members were aware of what happened (my friend covered the issue here) and Tao was recently pulled away from EXO by his father, who was concerned about his physical wellbeing. Netizens and fans were curious if Tao was seriously away, and this comeback was confirmation. Now, EXO-M is pretty much dissolved, as Lay is the only Chinese member. SM didn’t give up on the Chinese market though, because EXO is still releasing Chinese versions of their material. Which, I suppose makes sense because there is a fanbase and it would be bad to leave them hanging, and yet…it still seems slightly selfish to me. And if anything, it points quite blatantly to the failure of EXO-M and SM’s management of their artists. Continue reading “A Time to Reflect on EXO”

Seventeen…wait, 17?!

I needed to de-stress. My previous post left me feeling like a raw nerve, and I had a pile of tissues next to be as evidence, ha. So, I turned to allkpop. Judge me~ And I found an interesting morsel to chew on and talk about:

You read correctly, friends. The group name is SEVENTEEN. But it’s more than it seems to be.

First off, no, there are not seventeen members. There’s thirteen. Which, still is a lot. But still, that’s how many the famous group Super Junior debuted with. And there’s also Topp Dogg with thirteen, so maybe it’s a lucky number? Personally, it’s overwhelming. None of the people in the video were backup dancers, folks. I mean, in the chorus they still had to put a little circle in the bottom right corner to let people know who was who. Continue reading “Seventeen…wait, 17?!”