Exploring the Vast Music World!

It’s amazing what Youtube’s recommended links can do you for you, especially when you fall down a rabbit hole of music. I’ve been listening to soft cafe/jazz style music, K-Indie in particular and it’s so soothing. And delving further into the genre and artists is exciting, because it’s like finding a new territory, a new land.

I’ll just leave some nice things I’ve discovered here so you can start off on your own musical tangent~ Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Exploring the Vast Music World!”


Musical Throwbacks

During Statics, my professor said something about space or astronomy and out of nowhere, I heard this song:

The last time I heard this song was FOUR YEARS AGO. I thought I forgot this song, but all of a sudden, I heard the chorus and immediately I remembered my friend Lauren who showed this to me and I remembered listening to this over and over again. Isn’t it great how our brain stores all these random tidbits of information? I mean, it’s not like this song was a huge part of my life or anything, but still it was in a certain time of my life and listening to it flew me back.

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My Music?-

Hi all~

I have a goal for myself over the summer, and that is to share more of my music with the world (er, rather, people who read this blog or stumble across it). I’ve written my own songs for a while now, and I have a good amount that I want to record them nicely and maybe put together an album of sorts (is it allowed to be called an album? Maybe I’ll just call it my mishmash of music or something ha).  Continue reading “My Music?-“

Night Thoughts: The Ark, Intentional Music

*gosh darn, I wanted my next post to be about something else but oh well…that’ll be for later…*

Hello all. Sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been busy (AHAHAH nothing’s changed) and yesterday was extremely bizarre because I had a hot flash in the middle of the night and also the whole what will I do with my life thing still exists and now I’m rambling oh dear…

Point being said, I treated myself after my programming exam today by catching up on the latest Korean MV releases. First, I watched Jinusean’s “Tell Me One More Time” which made me happy because old-school music always does. (wow, your sentence structure and grammar is so on par, Chong…)

Then I watched this. Continue reading “Night Thoughts: The Ark, Intentional Music”

Thoughts about ‘Whiplash’


“What’s the movie?-”

“Whiplash.” (Wait, what? Is this some action spy movie or?-) “It’s a music movie. Do you like jazz?” (Okay, phew)

“Yeah, I’m cool with jazz.” And so Whiplash started playing and I prepared myself to be inspired as a musician.

Instead, when the movie finished I felt everything but inspired: shocked, confused at the point of the movie, frustrated, impressed, and most importantly wanting to talk to someone about the movie. Because I’ve participated and am still participating in ensemble music and sure, conductors can be mean but seriously?- And what was the point of the movie? Okay, so the kid gets redeemed (sort of) but the audience never gets to see the sparkle and magic that music is. Continue reading “Thoughts about ‘Whiplash’”

The Power of Music

//This is an essay I used for my college application. I’m going to upload my writings slowly for exposure and feedback. So please do comment below on what you thought of it! Much thanks~

“Ashley, you’ll be next to their concertmaster, over there.” I followed to where my conductor was pointing and saw a girl with perfect posture and a crazy frizz of hair. As I walked towards the empty seat next to her, I started to feel nervous. This would be my first time having a foreign stand partner. Was she nice? Was she better than me? Could we even communicate? Well, I thought ruefully, if all else failed, at least we could create music together. Continue reading “The Power of Music”


So. I got distracted after I got back from Zumba and found myself on scrolling through allkpop like a noob, resting back into my mindless zombie phase. But then I stumbled across this beauty:


And now I’m completely reinvigorated. It’s everything I ever wanted, everything I wanted to do (okay, not the rapping bit as much cause let’s be honest I don’t think I could really convince people that I’ve got that type of swagger), and just..perfection. In other words, it’s perfection and completely and absolutely inspiring.


The Charm of Choir Music

I was about to start to study Chemistry but before I did I had to listen to a song. It was something from the far reaches of my memory, a song heard from behind a pew taller than me (at the time), a song impressed into my mind. No, it’s not some old Britney Spears song (though I do remember one of her old songs from living in the Philippines).

It’s this song.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvfyl2lrkAI Continue reading “The Charm of Choir Music”

The Sadness of Next Semester…

I had to get my schedule done for next semester. I went into the process wanting to keep my three performance classes in cue: Orchestra, Chamber Music, and Lessons.

But to my absolute dismay, my core classes wouldn’t allow me to take orchestra. Orchestra, the activity that I was involved in since seventh grade. Orchestra, that gave me the best memories of making music.

Orchestra, that I now had to drop just for a chemistry lab ONCE A WEEK.

What will I even do will my extra time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Okay, okay, yes I could study and stuff but it’ll just be so weird…and I’m sure that I’ll find things to fill up that time but still it’s going to be hard going to orchestra concerts, knowing that I was there just last semester.

But this is what I have to do more often, I guess, won’t I? I have to let go of some things to get others and decide what my priorities are.

This much I know for sure, though. This won’t be my last time playing in the Symphony Orchestra. I will find a way to fit it in another time, some how.

Characterizing Music

“It needs to be like an Italian opera!” he said as he flailed his arms with his eyes sparkling with the slight tint of a madman. “Think of the drama, the over exaggeration, the different characters! Like here, maybe this is like (he started to play the measure) they’re at a fancy party but then (he slid into the slur with a sly grin) someone pulls a prank! And then here, they go back to being posh, then ha ha ha (he punctured each ‘ha’ with a note from the descending phrase), Mozart is restating his authority! It’s all a story, a drama, an opera! Do you see it, Ashley?”

I looked at sheet music marked with three different highlighters and all of a sudden, each note spoke to me of perhaps a proud countess or a maidservant tricking the chef. And then when I played the music, I didn’t have to think about phrasing; all it took was the image of frilly powdered opera characters and my notes changed to match.

With this new mindset, each piece, phrase, and note came to life, sparkling with energy and stories to tell. And here I was, thinking that music gave me all it had to offer.