My Past Rewritten: Make Me Fluent in Korean

When I saw today’s daily post, I thought I knew my answer. It surfaced immediately, demanding my attention, demanding my justice. I’d wish that I didn’t move as many times as I did.

I was born in Peoria, Illinois, then my family went to Singapore where my brother was born two years after. Right after, we went to Manila, Philippines where we stayed for three years. Then we moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where I did kindergarten until second grade. Then we moved back to Singapore where I did third grade and half of fourth grade. The rest of fourth grade until grade nine was done at my birthplace, Peoria Illinois. But right as I was getting comfortable, we moved to Montreal until the end of grade 12. And now, I’m at Iowa.

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First Vlog and Musing over Vlogging

My lovely readers, I have officially made my first vlog!

I shot it at my high school’s golf fundraiser. I didn’t really feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, it was just the selfie stick that was weird. I mean, it is quite a ridiculous looking contraption and there isn’t a way to deny that, well, you’re recording yourself and pretty much talking to an inanimate object. How do other vloggers do it? Maybe others are used to it by then? I mean, they seem more confident and I am confident but at the same time this is a whole new field, you know? It’s a whole new thing of being judged, ha.

I mean, if I saw someone vlogging, I’d totally respect it. They want to capture moments and also, who knows, they might be some famous YouTuber (or will be). Does this mean that I’ll be YouTube famous one day? AHAHA AS IF.  Continue reading “First Vlog and Musing over Vlogging”


A familiar, magical time

and I immediately reach into the crevices of my mind-

what do I wish for?

But this time, no exact figment of thought

rushes to the front;

there’s no competition of ideas

jostling, wrestling for my attention.

Rather, my mind

or perhaps my soul,

is tired and sighs,

simply wanting everything to work out

and for things to be okay.


but when they’re not, they still must be written about

The Charm of Choir Music

I was about to start to study Chemistry but before I did I had to listen to a song. It was something from the far reaches of my memory, a song heard from behind a pew taller than me (at the time), a song impressed into my mind. No, it’s not some old Britney Spears song (though I do remember one of her old songs from living in the Philippines).

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My (weird) Fascination: Mixed Races and Adoption

I needed to be inspired. I was done with frying my brain with pointless Youtube videos, so I turned to the greatest alternative to Youtube: TED. And to amuse myself, I typed in Korea to see what videos it would offer.

And I found this gem:

First off, I was confused about how “The Story of a Girl” could be related to Korea, but I decided to give the video a shot. Actually, more accurately, I read the transcript to see if it was worth it.

And boy oh boy, it was worth it. Continue reading “My (weird) Fascination: Mixed Races and Adoption”

#AlexFromTarget…wait, what?!?

I was scrolling down Instagram and got really confused when I saw Ellen’s post about some kid names Alex from Target. I thought at first that it was prank thing where someone from Ellen went undercover at Target but no, it was even weirder than I thought…

Apparently, while I was busy with college, the Internet has been exploding over this Alex from Target fellow. And it all started from (pretty much) a creeper picture a girl took of a good looking cash register guy.

I mean, seriously. Look at the picture.


And then, loads of people liked it and bam, overnight this random sixteen year old working at Target became an Internet sensation for literally doing…nothing. Continue reading “#AlexFromTarget…wait, what?!?”

From a College Kid’s Perspective

We were supposed to meet at the Burge Marketplace for lunch. According to this plan, I wouldn’t have to step outside since I could use the Daum Tunnel to get to Burge and I would be able to spend minimal time eating so I could work on my essay.

But when I finally emerged from the Daum tunnel, instead of seeing the usual sparse students scattered on the coaches in front of the cashier, I saw massive lines of parents and potential Hawkeyes clogging the lines and hallways.

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A State of Okay

Preface: this is going to be a more philosophical/deep post compared to my last ones. Don’t expect this to be as light and fluffy, haha~

So. This past week was kind of insane for me, if you couldn’t tell by my random dipping into philosophy while drinking tea post X). It was midterms week and just kind of in general, I’ve been feeling down about myself, my body, my time management skills and well everything.

But now, just sitting in my room listening to some Christian music I feel at a state of okay. With my cup of tea and in my pyjamas, for some reason now everything is shifting into focus. I think, no, I’m positive a big reason why is the simplified, solid music that I’m listening to. Christian music always recharges me like nothing else because of the messages it holds. And in comparison to the circus act of KPop, this music is so much more substantial and filling. Not to say that KPop is less or anything, but I believe that each type of music has its own purpose. KPop, I think, is more of an energy boost or mood shifter while Christian music is my go-to for slice of peace, joy, or something to really hold on to.

It’s not like I totally forgot about my other worries; trust me, I still have to work on my time management and work out (as in exercise). But just in this moment, it’s not like everything’s frozen, it’s more like everything makes more sense and I’m feeling a little bit more okay.

Also, here’s some of the songs I was listening to~

-Calling Glory: Teach Me to Love

:I am With You

-Everfound: God of the Impossible

Life is Like Drinking Tea…

It’s almost 12:30am and I still have my rhetoric draft ahead of me, waiting to be finished. But before I started, I had to get tea because, tea’s that amazing. So I went to get my tea. My roommate was already asleep, so I had to sneak in and grab my bag of 현미녹차 (brown rice green tea) and boil my water.

But see, getting my tea ready wasn’t even the hardest part of this process.

It was deciding when was the appropriate time to drink. As in, when can I drink my tea without burning my tongue.

It’s almost like an art, no? Or, I guess, a science of itself. Which, you could tie in with calorimetry and thermochemistry (which I happen to be studying now…) to calculate the time, but who does that while they’re drinking tea.

Honestly, I find deciding when to drink my tea very stressful. Too many times I’ve burned my tongue because I was too anxious for my tea. So I’ve become scared of it, and even now was considering just drinking tea with a spoon (I know, I know…sacrilege!).

But you know what, I’m going to do it. I’m going to drink my tea and look the soothing drink in the eye and say “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! I’M IN CHARGE. I WILL DRINK YOU!”

And hey, what do you know, you can also tie this concept in to life itself. We get burned too many times and get scared of drinking ‘the tea of life’ because of past experiences. But you know what? We all need to remember that all those past burns were exactly that: in the past. Each tea experience is different and we need to remember that we are the boss of our tea, that we are the one experiencing it, not the other way around.

So, let me finish my random philosophical tea tangent by saying that life is like drinking tea~

(And now, back to that Rhetoric draft! But this time, with my tea in hand!-uh, wait, no in my mouth? Tongue palate? Throat? Ah, well, you get the gist of it, eh?)