midnight rain

(This was inspired by this song)

midnight rain

showers, dancing

nature unhinged,



spinning, wildly, free, unbridled




and yet,

no witness

and in the morning,

nothing to remember,

memories evaporated, wisps of past magic,

ghosts of beauty


Okay, actually that was pretty random. Sorry guys, haha. But I wanted to write something, anything. I’ve been slacking on writing so might as well start somewhere, right?


sunshine rain

It’s weird when it rains while isn’t sunny,

isn’t it?

Rain is usually associated with sadness

yet also growth

while sunshine is coupled with happiness

yet also death if too much.

But when these two come together

it’s like yin and yang-

oh, but wait,

it already stopped

cut off as quickly as it started…

so maybe not.

Maybe it was all a fluke,

tears shed by accident.


Written by a spur of the moment rain shower.